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Translations and Consultations

Our personnel have in-depth personal military experience and business acumen that ensure our translations and interpreting are complete and accurate. Our consultations can be the catalyst in ensuring success in your business negotiations and operations in Russia.

We have specialized in translation of military equipment technical manuals, advertising materials, documents, and other documentation.

Our rates are very competitive. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


Escort Interpretation

We were very proud to have participated as part of the US On-Site Inspection Agency team in supervision of the elimination of the US Pershing missiles in accordance with the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty in 1988-1991.

Our President and CEO is shown above just to the left of Vice President George H. W. Bush as he congratulates Inspector Shnyakin and other members of the first Soviet inspection team who witnessed the elimination of the first US missile stage at the Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant in East Texas September 8, 1988.



Upgraded 1RL131-2 (P-18-2)


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